Our Stories

Stories have great power to inspire us, they are a vital part of Stella Maris’ heritage, showing how God has brought us all together in this life-changing work. And they remind us of the importance of supporting people in need.

Below you will read stories from volunteers, chaplains, supporters and seafarers, but your Stella Maris memories are just as important and we hope you’ll share your experiences with us.

Featured story

Wartime Ship Visiting

My mother was born of Scottish parents in the Argentine in 1919 and lived in Buenos Aires until 1942 when she travelled to Britain in a wartime convoy to be married. She witnessed increasing Nazi influence in neutral Argentina in the build up to war.   Some neighbours ran up … Read more


Joanna Perry

The privilege of visiting seafarers

Lynne Harmer

Wartime Ship Visiting

Charles Stuart

Volunteering walking towards a ship

Why I joined Stella Maris.

Peter Huntingdon Bewers

A Golden Thread

John Hood

Ship visiting in Leith

Anne-Marie Stephen

A personal reminder

Simon Bromage